Hey Everyone,

My apologies for the site being down.  I had some issues with my hosting provider that took a lot longer to resolved then I expected.  We are back up and online now so everything should be all set.  If you notice any issues with the pages please let me know.

A few updates on me…   I don’t think I ever mentioned that I worked for 3M company when I started this site.  My thought was that I should keep my employer a secret but you can all look me up on LinkedIn and see that info anyway so what’s the point.

After working at 3M for about 6 years as a production planner and division supply chain analyst in their Automotive Division, an opportunity came my way to work for an up-and-coming enterprise software company called Anaplan.  While there, I built a number of supply chain planning models on the Anaplan platform to showcase it’s features and functionality in the supply chain management domain.  Demand Management, Supply Planning, and Rough Cut Capacity Planning, are a few of the models (aka Apps) I built while there.

About 3 weeks back I left Anaplan to join a consulting firm called Accelytics.  Accelytics is one of many consulting firms that partners with Anaplan to implement the software at customers.  I was hired to help build up a supply chain planning practice Accelytics due to my experience building Anaplan models and I’m excited for the opportunity.

One more thing… Last year I was part of the first cohort of graduates from MIT’s Supply Chain and Operations Micromasters program.  It was a 5 course, 1.5 year, online program offered by MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  After a lot of long nights and weekends of homework/exams, I finally finished and am so happy I stuck with it!  I was amazed how much I didn’t know about Supply Chain Management that this program taught me.  It was very data and mathematics based which was pretty tough, but at the same time really useful.  I’d recommend this credential to anyone wanting to advance their career or just learn more about SCM.  I even applied a lot of the material directly into the models I was building at the time at Anaplan.

Whew!  I think that’s all the updates I have.  As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or just to connect (camhsmc@gmail.com)… it’s always good to chat with fellow supply chainers in the trenches.

– Cam