First off, let me tell you a little about myself and my story. My name is Cameron Haines (my friends call me Cam), I’m 26, I’ve been happily married since March of 2009, and the wife and I currently live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

I graduated from college in December of 2008 with my undergraduate degree in Global Supply Chain Management and was one of the lucky ones who landed a job with a large corporation in June of 2009. I say lucky because I was very fortunate to receive an offer during those first few months after the economy took a nose dive. I still remember standing in the airport coming back from interviewing at this company’s headquarters and seeing a news story that the very company that had just interviewed me had also just laid off hundreds of their employees. Needless to say, I was surprised I got offered.

After starting my job as a supply chain analyst/production planner I was encouraged to pursue my APICS CPIM certification. I was eager to show my worth in the company, started studying for the tests soon after I was hired, and took the Basics of Supply Chain Mangement exam in December of 2009 and passed. I then procrastinated for 6 months, tried to cram for the Detailed Scheduling and Planning exam, and soundly failed it.

After failing, I lost all motivation to continue studying and didn’t even attempt to take another test for a whole year. In September 2011 I finally realized that if I want to suceed in my career I have to be APICS certified and decided to buckle down and set a goal to finish them by the end of 2011. I’m a little behind my goal but I’ve passed Master Planning of Resources in October and I’m scheduled to take Detailed Scheduling and Planning (take two) this coming Tuesday, November 8th.

As I’ve studied and prepared for these exams I’ve noticed that there isn’t a good community of APICS test takers online and I hope this website can become just that. A place where those of us studying to take the tests can come and share experiences, ask questions, express frustrations, and motivate others. I’ll be publishing some of my notes for the Master Planning of Resources and the Detailed Scheduling and Planning tests on separate pages of this site. Please feel free to use them. I’ll also be posting on the blog some of the things I’ve learned and some tips about the CPIM tests.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments about your APICS experience or ask any questions; I’ll do my best to answer them.