Pull System

Pull System

·         Visual signaling system used

·         Source of incoming material is usually consistent

·         As variation in process flow increases implementation of pull system is more difficult


Objectives of Pull Systems

·         Synchronize movement of materials

·         Limit total inventory

·         Facilitate analysis, improvements, and further inventory reductions

·         Reduce throughput time

·         Simplify/eliminate documentation

·         Improve quality


Characteristics of Pull Systems

·         Standardized application

·         Visibility

·         Simplicity

·         Standard Lot Sizes

·         Discipline

·         Versatility/flexibility

·         Flattening the Bill of Materials



·         Use of cads as signals to authorize production

·         Two Varieties

1.       Brand – Name:  authorize both what to replenish and when to replenish it

2.       Generic:  Authorize when to replenish, but not what to replenish (this info comes from the next shippable order or the production plan


Kanban Rules

·         Never exceed Kanban ceiling

·         Follow FIFO (First In First Out)

·         Never pass on a know defect

·         Reduce kanbans to expose problems

·         Customer pulls material from supplier

·         Only active material is allowed at workstation

·         Everything has a place


Volume and Mix Considerations for Kanban

·         Repetition of process must be the norm

·         Generic kanban handles volume/mix changes

·         System automatically reacts to mix considerations


Other Signals for Build/Move Authorizations

·         Containers as signals

·         Kanban squares as signals

·         Other signaling methods

·         Mixed-model pull techniques



Executing Activities

·         Production flow must be synchronized

·         Visual review systems in place

·         Must be flexibility in process

·         Workers must be cross trained



Process Batch:  number of units made between sequential setups at a work center


Transfer Batch:  quantity of an item moved between sequential work centers during production

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