Quality and Continuous Improvement Initiative – Making it Happen

Process Improvement:  “Activities designed to identify and eliminate causes of poor quality, process variation, and non-value-added activities.”


Sporadic Problem

·         Sudden, adverse change in status quo

·         Attacked by control processes

Chronic Problem

·         Longstanding adverse situation

·         Attacked by continuous improvement process


Project-by-Project Approach

·         Three main steps to set up:

1.       Providing the need

2.       Identifying projects

3.       Organizing project teams

·         Five steps to execute:

1.       Verify need and mission

2.       Diagnose causes

3.       Providing remedy and proving effectiveness

4.       Dealing with resistance to change

5.       Instituting controls


On Less at a Time

·         Subtract one process step at a time and increase velocity

·         Exposes constraints and puts pressure on the system


Methods of Eliminating Waste

·         Move/Transit time reduction

·         Setup time reduction

o   Single Minute Exchange of Die – Stages:

§  Identify internal and external activities of a setup

§  Determine which internal ones can be converted to external

§  Reduce time it takes to perform each of those internal and external events

§  Repeat process

·         Lot size reduction

o   Better able to respond to market changes

o   Improved process flow

o   Resolve contraints

·         Throughput and lead time reduction

o   Control Order Cycles

§  Purchase Order Cycle

§  Manufacturing Order Cycle

§  Customer Order Cycle

·         Paperwork and transaction reduction

o   Four-Wall Inventory

§  Production material is processed into finished product without entering a formal stock area

·         Workplace Organization (5S)

o   Movement minimized

o   Handling reduced

o   Visibility maximized

o   Layouts are simple and flexible

o   Layouts are orderly


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